Water & heat

in many variants.

After a day spent in nature, our guests can relax or treat themselves to a massage in our wellness oasis.
Enjoy the relaxing heat of our Finnish sauna housed in a cabin constructed of aromatic Swiss pine or the soothing warmth of the bio sauna.
After the herb-infused heat of the sauna you can kick back and relax on one of our wellness loungers. Experience the interplay of hot and cold temperatures in our wellness garden.
The Finnish sauna (90°C) offers a contrast of short and intense hot and cold stimuli. At 60°C, the bio sauna offers soothing warmth.
If you want to tan, our solarium offers a healthy alternative to the sun. It is situated in a quiet room, so you can relax and regenerate while on the sunbed.


Select in a massage


Full body massage or partial massage

The massage serves to improve the general well-being

The release of tensions and relief of muscles are key to a state of wellbeing that is the aim of the centuries-old manual massage. At our hotel we offer a choice of full-body massages, partial massages for specifically problematic areas such as back, neck or legs, and combined sports massages for back and legs. Massages aim to improve the overall sense of wellbeing, relaxation while offering pain relief and cleansing the body by stimulating the blood flow. Our Vitalpina massages