Nordic walking

It’s quick and easy to learn

Nordic walking is up to 46% more effective than walking without poles. Nordic walking is a sport that is quick and easy to learn. It helps you build up your aerobic stamina, which is required if you want to reduce body fat, while at the same time strenghtening your upper body and back muscles. Nordic walking releases muscle tension in shoulders and neck. It improves the cardiac cycle performance and relieves the muscoskeletal system by up to 30%, which is why it is ideal for people with knee and back issues. Furthermore, nordic walking is an ideally suited outdoors option for people with rehabilitation needs after a sports injury. Nordic walking increases your calorie consumption by approximately 30% from walking without poles. It is an ideal cardio workout if you want to lose weigth; at the same time the active use of your auxiliary respiratory muscles helps increase the oxygen supply for the entire organism.


Zillertal Activcard



Up and down with the cable car

In addition to many other advantages, the Zillertal Activcard (charges apply) includes one return trip/day with the cable car of your choice.